U.S Senate holds Granger to promise to respect recount results; urges him to allow Carter Center back in


Top United States Senators, including the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, James E. Risch, and Marco Rubio, have written to President David Granger to respect the results of the current vote recount, and to allow the Carter Center back in to observe the process.

Apart from Risch and Rubio, the other senators who signed the letter are Benjamin Cardin, Robert Menendez and Tim Kaine.

Please see below the full letter:

“We welcome your May 4, 2020 statement announcing the beginning of the critical recount process of Guyana’s disputed March Presidential election.  We commend your willingness to abide by the result of the recount and your call for patience among the Guyanese people as the recount proceeds.

“As friends of Guyana, we are closely monitoring the recount and support that it be conducted in a free, fair, and transparent manner.  A crucial part of this process is that credible international observers be allowed to return to Guyana and be given free and unfettered access to all aspects of the recount in order to confirm the integrity of the process.

“In the midst of the challenges the world is facing due to the coronavirus pandemic, Guyana is on the verge of historic change and prosperity.  Decisions made today will determine whether or not the Guyanese people enter this new era united and confident that their political institutions fairly and equitably reflect their will.

“We support a fair and transparent recount of the March Presidential election to allay any concerns among the Guyanese people in the integrity of their democratic institutions, in line with Guyana’s successful democratic electoral transitions of the past three decades.

“Additionally, while we recognize that Guyana has closed its international airport as part of its efforts to address COVID-19, we understand that your government is providing special authorization in important cases. With full respect for Guyana’s public health measures, we are hopeful that you will consider the presence of additional international observers an essential step to strengthening the credibility of the recount.

“Your leadership in this critical moment is crucial to Guyana entering this new era with confidence and hope among all Guyanese for a better future.  It is our hope that you will continue your legacy by working toward a better future for all Guyanese people.”

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