Minibus driver and conductor arrested for packing minibus


An East Coast Demerara minibus driver and his conductor were arrested by Police after a passenger posted photos of them carrying more passengers than allowed under the COVID-19 order.

Minibuses are only allowed to carry half the number of passengers they are licensed to carry so as to allow for social distancing.

But a passenger reported on Facebook that the minibus, BWW 4985, was carrying more than the allowed number and when she objected she was called “a whore and a bitch.” She also said the driver claimed he can’t be locked up “in these streets.”

The packed minibus

The passenger’s complaint was reported to the Police by a reporter and the driver and conductor were subsequently arrested.

Traffic Chief Linden Isles told the News Room that the men will be charged, but he was awaiting statements to determine what charges will be leveled against them.


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