All votes from flooded Reg. 1 ballot box visible


The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has successfully completed the recount of all votes cast in Region One including a ballot box for the Kariako polling station in Moruca which was soaked with water.

GECOM’s Public Relations Officer Yolanda Ward told the media that the box was counted on Friday and “all the ballots were visible.”

There were 174 persons registered to vote in that area.

The News Room understands t that there were 95 valid votes cast with five for the APNU+AFC, two for LJP and 88 for PPP/C.

Following the completion of that box –the final of 99 boxes in that District –the overall total valid votes cast in the General Election were 12,111 from a total of 18,952 registered electors.

According to the tabulation, 3,909 votes were cast for the APNU+AFC, 8,002 for the PPP/C, 170 for the LJP, 24 for PRP and 6 for URP in the general election.

The total valid votes cast for the Regional Election were 12,060.

Of this amount, 3,843 persons voted for the APNU+AFC, 144 for LJP, 7,996 for PPP/C and 77 for URP.

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