Questions on election credibility existed before March 2 – Aubrey Norton


Referencing what he described as a largely bloated voters’ list, APNU+AFC member Aubrey Norton on Friday said questions on the credibility of the March 02, 2020 elections were raised even before citizens went to the polls.

Norton told reporters camped outside the Arthur Chung Conference Center where the recount is taking place that the size of the voters’ list already indicated the possibility for the results of the election to be questioned.

He believes new information coming out of the ongoing recount exercise also calls into question the credibility of the election.

His comments are being regarded as back-peddling on earlier statements by the coalition that the March 02 elections were free and fair.

Norton said based on the findings from the recount exercise, the coalition no longer feels that what transpired on E- Day supports the initial belief that the elections were free and fair.

Notwithstanding, he insisted that the coalition won the elections and admitted that it wanted President David Granger sworn in on the declarations made before the recount.

“You might see people going and vote on elections day and you would say it is smooth and fair but persons in PPP strongholds told us that the PPP was intimidating them. This puts free into question and what is being revealed here is making fair questionable,” he added.

Norton said among the discrepancies discovered both on elections day and in the recount are GECOM staff working in the interest of individual political parties, votes for one party being given to another party and reported instances of intimidation.

Norton said observations like these prompted the coalition to call for recounts in several districts.

“There are many other things that we will point out… those are the ones I want to bring to you at this stage,” he added.

Norton also repeated claims by the coalition that the recount is uncovering votes being cast for persons who are dead or would have migrated.

“We are aware of it for years, all and sundry are aware of it but what can we do about it,” he said in response to persons also voting twice and employing tricks to remove ink from their fingers.

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