Bartica businesswoman found dead in abandoned mining pit


Police are investigating the death of 28-year-old Rosella Smith who was found dead in an abandoned mining pit at Three Miles Karrau Backdam on Friday.

Police Headquarters revealed that they are on the hunt for a man identified as “Blackboy” who was last seen in the company of Smith.

Police later found that Smith’s camp was ransacked and persons saw the man leaving the backdam with a bag and bucket at about 11:00h on Friday.

Smith of Bamford Point, Bartica was found face down by a 23-year-old miner at about 12:30h.

Police said at the time of her death, Rosella was selling goods from a make-shift camp.

She was last seen about 20:00h on May 14 at her camp in the company of ‘Blackboy’ and according to the Police, “she was last heard laughing and talking with the said Blackboy.”

Police said no marks of violence were found on her body but there was blood around her nostrils.

The body was taken to Bartica Regional hospital and then escorted to the Lyken Funeral home where it awaits a Post Morten Examination.

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