Coalition says 18 persons who voted for APNU+AFC at Belladrum were out of the country


An agent of the Coalition APNU+AFC on Tuesday evidently claimed 18 persons who voted for the said Coalition were out of the country, drawing ridicule and buying into claims that the Coalition has been wildly calling out multiple serial numbers from the Voter’s List to claim persons ticked off as having voted were either out of the country or dead.

The general pattern has been for the Coalition to claim that votes were cast for the PPP in the name of those persons who were dead or migrated.

On Tuesday, Ballot Box 5055 was counted for District 5. It is from a polling station which was housed at the Belladrum Secondary School, West Coast Berbice.

The PPP only got three votes at that station, The Citizenship Initiative (TCI) received two votes and A New and United Guyana (ANUG) received one vote. The Coalition received 250 votes. But APNU+AFC agent Colin Bynoe called out 24 serial numbers, claiming that those persons were out of the country.

Given the total votes received by the other parties was six, it would obviously mean the Coalition was objecting to at least 18 persons who voted for it.

The names of all those the Coalition objected to were actually ticked off as having voted, the recount process showed.

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