Shuman writes GECOM to increase recount stations for Region Four


The Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) has written to the Chair and Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to increase the number of recount stations for District 4.

See below the Full Letter:

Re: Recount, data, and timelines

On behalf of the Liberty and Justice Party, I write to you this evening to first thank the Commission for the progress so far in the recount. It is no doubt a work that I do believe has been done some injustice by not having every component streamed live continuously and by the absence of the media as observers to the process.

Madam Chair, let me also thank you for your leadership to the Commission and your commitment to ensuring this process is concluded with the utmost expedience and integrity.

In relation to the above, I offer the following analysis and recommendations for your consideration:

On commencement of the recount process there were 10 stations allocated of which 3 were given to District 4 and the remainder allocated as per your previous communications to the various stakeholders.

Today, 19 May 2020, one station was added and after 14 days of work, at the close of the day, the stats are as follows:

669 boxes completed

1670 remaining


R1 – Completed

R2 – Completed

R3 – 177 Boxes

R4 – 708 Boxes

R5 – 89 Boxes

R6 – 366 Boxes

R7 – 77 Boxes

R8 – 55 Boxes

R9 – 73 Boxes

R10 – 125 Boxes

Based on statistical assessment, the Recount Center processes 4.78 boxes per station per day.

When extrapolated, the time is as calculated below

R3 – 18.8 Days

R4 – 49.37 Days

R5 – 9.31 Days

R6 – 25.5 Days

R7 – 16.1 Days

Regions 8, 9 and 10 have not been assessed as they have no station(s) assigned to them as yet.

Madam Chair, as you can see, were we to continue in this line, the conclusion of R4 would put us at a distant 49 days, and even with the allocation of new stations being assigned to R4 as they come free, it would still be beyond a month for completion.

On behalf of the Liberty and Justice Party, I am therefore seeking the Commission’s reassessment of the allocation for R4. We are very aware of the sensitivity of Region 4; however, by raising the number of stations on R4 to 7, it would bring the time down to 21 days, and similarly, 8 stations allocated to R4 would bring it down to 18.51 days.

When compensated and allocations of stations that are free are shifted to the unassigned Regions, the totality of days will have a corresponding trend around 18 days.

We are very cognizant of the effects of completing R4 early, thus we would like to propose 8 stations to R4  and to have a simultaneous completion with that of district with R10.

We look forward to your most timely feedback on this.

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