PSC ‘pleased’ that Granger seeks to restore public confidence in recount


See below a May 18 press release by the Private Sector Commission:

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is pleased that President David Granger, the Electoral Candidate of APNU+AFC is seeking to restore public confidence in the Recount of the General and Regional Elections being conducted by GECOM by his recognition that “the recount is necessary to determine the credible final result of the March 2nd Elections” and, once again, committing that he and his Government will abide by the final declaration coming from the Chairman of GECOM.

The Private Sector Commission would, however, have been more assured had Mr. Granger directly confirmed that the result of the Recount when declared by GECOM would be accepted by his party as the final and unqualified result of the General and Regional Elections.

The Private Sector Commission, and we believe that we speak for the great majority of Guyanese, would have been even more assured had Mr. Granger rejected any possibility of him, his government and his party accepting the declaration of the Chief Elections Officer which includes the fraudulent results for region 4, currently held in abeyance by the Gazetted Order for National Recount as acceptable or valid.

The Private Sector Commission also commends Mr. Granger for expressing confidence in the CARICOM team of scrutineers to ensure that the Recount process is transparent and credible.

The Private Sector Commission continues, however, to urge Mr. Granger to accept that the presence of the Carter Center along with all of the other International Observer Missions would enhance and reinforce the work of the CARICOM team.

The Private Sector Commission urges President Granger to encourage the COVID-19 National Task Force to approve the request of the Chairman of GECOM for the introduction of all additional six counting stations consistent with his wish for the Recount to be concluded as soon as possible.

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