Timothy Jonas negative for COVID-19


Chairman of A New and United Guyana (ANUG) Timothy Jonas who was asked by the Ministry of Public Health to undergo a COVID-19 test on May 8 has since done so and received negative results.

“I went down, I got tested, I got my negative results…and I wrote to the Ministry to inform them of that,” Jonas told the News Room on Thursday evening outside the Arthur Chung Conference Center where the national recount of votes cast on March 2 is ongoing.

Jonas, who has been vocal about the 2020 electoral process since its commencement, received a call from a Doctor on May 8 who told him that he was observed displaying respiratory symptoms the previous day during his visit to the recount site.

As such, he was asked to do the COVID-19 test.

“…being tested is not pleasant, let me warn you, they take a large something and they put it so far up your nose, you don’t think it’s possible. Then they swirl it around and they pull it back out so it felt like it was a brain extraction but it was done,” he told the News Room.

Jonas believed the request was politically motivated and opted to conduct the test at a private institution.

He told the News Room that the process took some time since the private health institution had to be granted approval to conduct the test.

The ANUG Chairman also wrote a letter to the Medical Council as he believed that “there may be medical misconduct in medical personnel either assessing me without consulting me first or taking action on the say-so of anonymous third parties.”

Jonas told the News Room that has not displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 and returned to the Arthur Chung Conference Center on Wednesday.

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