Sophia Primary School students to benefit from literacy tablets


Kupanda Sisters Inc. has partnered with Sun Books of the World Literacy Foundation to launch a pilot programme, geared to provide literacy tablets to 20 students at Sophia Primary School.

The World Literacy Foundation is a leading international literacy organisation working in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Latin America, and Africa to deliver literacy resources and skills.

Through the Sun Books initiative, Kupanda Sisters will be utilising literacy tablets to make a transformative change in off-the-grid communities with limited or no access to electricity, the internet or educational resources.

The relevant, local literacy content will be loaded to the solar-powered tablet devices that is aligned to an existing curriculum with the hope of increasing both teacher and student performance.

The tablets are equipped with more than 400 e-books in English and 50 e-books in local languages and activities for primary education learners.

Over the next few weeks, instructional tablets will be provided to academic personal for the purpose of training and on-boarding.

This collaborative initiative is the brainchild of Kupanda Sisters’ Founder and CEO, Cindy Charles, who has been working to provided needed literacy programming to students at the Sophia Primary School since May 2019.

The students were selected through various criteria and have been participating in weekly classes to provide them quality literacy resources and skills that would equip and empower them to transform their reality, unleash their full potential and become meaningful contributors to their communities and our world.

Charles, from Parika, East Bank Essequibo, said, “I am just delighted to launch this pilot programme at Sophia Primary School in Guyana. We have a responsibility to ensure that a proper education is an intrinsic human right for every child in every village and we at Kupanda Sisters truly understand this responsibility.”

A planned presentation of the tablets to the Sophia Primary School is currently being planned with Audrey Montrose-Sue, Principal of the school who assured, that the initiative will bring about a massive change for the pupils.

About Kupanda Sisters Inc.

Kupanda Sisters is a non-profit organisation that empowers women and children through personal development and literacy in underserved communities, where there is strong belief in the inherent power of a collaborative village to prevail against the condition of illiteracy, and deliver value to the many people wanting to transform their world through literacy.

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