Troy Resources staff now work on site six weeks instead of two weeks


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a drastic shift in the length of the rotation period for local workers at Troy Resources from two weeks on-site to six weeks per turnaround, the company reported Sunday.

“Unlike other international operations, Troy Resources is heavily dependent on its largely local staff while it has a limited number of foreign workers primarily in the technical and specialised skilled fields,” the company said in a statement.

It said thus far, employees have responded positively to this change given the likely alternatives and the significant threat that frequent travel brings.

The company said that since a large component of staff comes from the coastland and interior locations, the impact of travel restrictions across Guyana has affected their once regular movement to and from work and the time they spend with their families.

Troy Resources said it puts the health and safety of its workers at the forefront hence it has adopted very stringent safety and health precautions in addition to the new roster which sees a schedule of six weeks on-site – three weeks off instead of the usual two weeks on-site and one week off.

A worker’s temperature is checked at the site (Troy Resources photo)

Among the other major changes is that company has reduced the number of employees who work on-site at any one time and so currently only half the number of employees work at the office while the remaining staff work from home.

“In addition to the social distancing measures being rigorously enforced, employees, when reporting for duty,  must be screened (including temperature testing) at the gate prior to being allowed access to the office compound.

Personal hygiene is also actively encouraged with employees being instructed to regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitiser while at work.  An additional safety measure includes cleaning and disinfecting all regularly used surfaces in the office building several times per day.

Workers at the site (Troy Resources photo)

The company has adopted several other measures, which it said includes:

  • The establishment of a quarantine site away from the main lodging, to cater for any potential case.
  • Screening of all passengers to our site at the airport both by Troy Resources Guyana Inc. (TRGI) and Trans Guyana Airways (TGA) Limited before being allowed to board the aircraft.
  • Visitors are no longer allowed to enter the office building
  • All meetings are held outside, while all social gatherings have ceased.
  • Visitors who are deemed higher priority are first pre-approved by our General Manager or Acting General Manager
  • All personnel travelling by ground and ground deliveries are screened at the gate by the camp’s doctor and security.
  • All non-mission-essential visitors have been prohibited from the site until further notice.
  • Our employees are encouraged to minimise exposure to other people whilst away from work, report any potential illness, and self-isolate at home until symptoms disappear, no matter what the illness may be.
  • In any case of illness, the employee is further required to obtain medical clearance before returning to work.

“The company recognises that many of the workers now have to be away from their families for a longer period and the company has expressed its gratitude to these workers for their willingness and cooperation during this time,” the company stated.

The company said while the challenges and new measures have meant additional cost burdens and affected the way the company operates, it remains committed to providing a safe environment for its staff and customers, and the wider community.

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