‘Let us continue to hold aloft the banner of freedom and democracy’- GAWU Independence Day message


GAWU Independence Day message 2020

Our people and nation, once again, pause to reflect on our country’s proud achievement of independence, we of the GAWU take this opportunity to express to all Guyanese our best wishes on this significant milestone in our history. Indeed, the shedding of our colonial bonds 54 years ago is an accomplishment that is celebrated by all Guyanese. It is yet another reminder that we – the people – are collectively responsible for our destiny and the well-being of future generations.

As we observe another anniversary of our independence, the GAWU recollects the many-sided struggles of our people that gave way to end of colonialism in our land. We are reminded too that those struggles involved Guyanese from all walks of life who were all committed to the common goal of political freedom and the desire for our nation and people to realize its full potential. Indeed, we hail those who played an active role in those struggles as they faced up to difficult circumstances and unstinted efforts to crush their resolve and to thwart their advancements. The realization of independence reminds us that together we are a formidable force capable and able to withstand great adversity and defeat the intrigues that are formed against us.

As we observe 54 years as an independent state, we are reminded of the several achievements we have recorded. Undoubtedly, we have a proud record as we matured and developed as a nation. While we recognize they were some setbacks, we remain heartened that, like in the independence struggle, an independent Guyana and Guyanese were able to overcome those adversities and went on to realize several laudable strides.

Of course, as we observe our 54th Independence Anniversary we see us on the cusp of great potential and even quantum advancement. Our nation has now joined the ranks of the oil-producing leagues which holds out great promise. It is yet another reminder of how endowed we are as a nation. At the same time, it stresses the need for our people, today and tomorrow, benefit from pragmatic programmes and policies to really benefit from our natural wealth while we safeguard our environment. It is against this background, that the GAWU must express its dismay, once again, regarding our arrangements with respect to our oil resources. Undoubtedly, there is a mountain of evidence which confirms the sad conclusion.

We see too our potential being threatened by those who seek to derail our democracy and take us down a road of fraudulent elections and dictatorship. We have experienced such painful times before and history has recorded the harm it brought to the well-being of our people and the stagnation and regression Guyana experienced. We do not wish to return to such an era where our freedoms were trampled upon and impoverishment became a defining feature. As the nation awaits the declaration of credible election results we urge a hastening of the process as we recognize the consequences of a vacuum created by the absence of a legitimate Government.

Apart from the democratic challenges, the public health crisis spawned by COVID-19 continues to afflict us and has made too many victims. We have seen the danger of the virus and again we urge everyone to take precautions and to stay safe. We encourage the wearing of masks, washing of our hands, sanitization of our environment and engaging in social distancing. It is our collective efforts that will see us defeating the pandemic. The GAWU is also well aware of the economic challenges brought about by COVID-19 and it is yet another reason for a legitimate Government to be installed on the basis of an accurate and transparent reflection of the will of the people.

As we celebrate Independence Day 2020, let us remember to continue to hold aloft the banner of freedom and democracy. Let us remember the road we have travelled and the journey that awaits us. On this Independence Day, the GAWU urges the collective Guyanese spirit to be consolidated as we face up to the challenges of today and the days ahead while we seek to build a prosperous Guyana for all.

A happy independence to all Guyanese!

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