PPP commits to create a free, prosperous& united Guyana in Independence Day Message



As our nation observes its 54th Independence anniversary, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends best wishes to all Guyanese, at home and abroad, on the commemoration of this significant national milestone.

Fifty-four years ago, on May 26, an independent Guyana was born when the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted for the first time breaking the shackles of colonialism, bringing forth freedom and instilling hope and expectations in our people by the dawn of self-governance.

Unfortunately, the freedom from colonialism, which so many valiantly fought for, and the birth of self-governance did not realize the dreams and aspirations of our people because soon after independence, we endured another form of imposed rule, this time from within. For twenty- eight years thereafter the PNC hijacked democracy and stole from the people of Guyana their right to vote and their freedom to elect a Government of their choice.

It was not until 1992, that democratic elections were restored to our country and our people were offered an opportunity to elect a Government of its choice. Those twenty-eight years of dictatorship brought with it deep ethnic divisions, social decline, and economic stagnation.

From October 5, 1992, Guyana was able to breathe freedom again and with it came social and economic progress and infrastructural rehabilitation across the length and breadth of the country. During this period, Guyana moved from the poorest country in the western hemisphere to a middle income developing nation-state.

It is not that there were not challenges, there were many, but a legal Government, governing in accordance with the Constitution, backed by sound economic policies and driven by programs and policies designed to positively affect the lives of every single Guyanese, irrespective of race, ethnicity or class, made monumental strides.

In 2015, there was a change in government. The PNC returned to Office under the rubric of a coalition and with them returned violations of the rule of law, destruction of democratic credentials, violations of the Constitution, discrimination, corruption, and the worse forms of incompetent governance.

As we enter this fifty-fourth year of independence, our country remains precariously perched on a precipice. The results of elections held since March 2, 2020, are still to be pronounced by the Guyana Elections Commission because of attempts to steal those elections by those who have lost but refuse to give up Government. These actions continue to undermine the great sacrifices which so many Guyanese have made, before and after independence, to create a better and united Guyana.

In our recent elections campaign manifesto we promised a package of policies and programs which will improve the lives of Guyanese from every stratum and in every region. These include, but are not limited to; infrastructural development, job creation, and the establishment of a framework for proper management of our Oil and Gas resources, one that ensures transparency and accountability and secures benefits for all Guyanese. We promised to also engage in extensive consultations in order to formulate a new governance model and a better system for managing elections.

On this solemn occasion, the PPP remains resolute and determined to continue this great struggle started by our ancestors to create a free, prosperous, and united Guyana where all Guyanese can achieve their full potential and share equitably in our nation’s resources.

Once again, Happy Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese.

People’s Progressive Party

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