Dead and migrated did not vote in APNU+AFC strongholds – Aubrey Norton


The APNU+AFC has been raising concerns of deceased and migrated persons voting in the March 2 general and regional elections but APNU+AFC member, Aubrey Norton on Wednesday it did not find any occurrence of this in the Coalition strongholds.

Norton on Wednesday alleged that on May 26 at the recount site, the APNU+AFC found 17 persons who were out of the jurisdiction on Elections Day but are ticked as having voted on the Official List of Electors in those ballot boxes.

He said these persons were all “allowed to vote” in areas known to traditionally support the PPP.

Asked whether there is any similar case in areas won by the APNU+AFC, Norton responded in the negative.

“…when you call the names of the dead, they didn’t vote in APNU+AFC strongholds neither those who migrated. But when we did the same in PPP strongholds, the answer was yes, it’s crossed off and so we concluded in PPP strongholds, they were allowed to vote and there is no evidence that that happened in the APNU+AFC strongholds,” Norton told the media.

Norton alleged that the Presiding Officers (POs) in certain areas are compromised.

Several persons have since come forward to dispute the claims of the Coalition and in some cases said they voted in favour of that party.

Meanwhile, Norton noted that the APNU+AFC will accept the declaration of the recount if GECOM deems the results credible.

“We have said clearly that we want the process to go through. We said it is aimed at determining whether the elections are credible. If GECOM says they are credible and accept that they are credible, we will accept their position. If they say they are not credible, then it’s a totally different thing.”

The Coalition is advocating for GECOM to investigate the claims made by the party.

GECOM chairperson Justice (retired) Claudette Singh in a recent statement said she is monitoring the trends based on the allegations in the observation reports.

The Chairperson said, “I am of the view that he who asserts must prove.”

The APNU+AFC has submitted several death certificates at the 12 counting stations during the recount but has not provided documents to back up its claims that migrated persons voted.

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