41 persons placed on $10,000 bail for breaking curfew in Georgetown         `


Officers of the Georgetown City Constabulary Department have arrested 41 persons for breaking the 6 am to 6pm curfew.

“They were placed on $10,000 bail and are expected to appear in court to answer charges next week,” the Mayor and City Council said in a statement Friday.

The Council said it also observed several vendors remaining at the markets after 18:00h. As such the City Constabulary will increase its patrol in around the City to ensure that those who are bent on disregarding the curfew are reprimanded.

Recently, the Council fined 51 persons for not wearing face masks, 14 for illegal vending and 30 persons were arrested and will be put before the court for breaking the curfew.

The City Council had announced a $5,000 fine for persons who do not wear masks and a $25,000 fine for persons found vending illegally.

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