GECOM writes Chief Immigration Officer on claims of migrants voting


The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has embarked on its own investigation following allegations that citizens who migrated or were not in Guyana for the March 02, 2020 elections were marked off as having voted.

The News Room learnt on Friday that earlier this week, GECOM forwarded a list of names of persons who are alleged to have voted while not being in Guyana.

APNU+AFC nominated Commissioner Vincent Alexander made the disclosure and said the move is for GECOM to ascertain whether there is any truth to the claims that “migrant electors” voted in a manner that amounts to electoral fraud.

“With specific reference to the migrants, that information has been submitted and forwarded to the Chief Immigration Officer,” Alexander told reporters outside the Arthur Chung Conference Center.

He said once a response is received, GECOM will then have conclusive evidence on the matter.

GECOM embarked on this move against widespread rejections from the opposition People’s Progressive Party. Several high-ranking members of the PPP have claimed that GECOM would be acting illegally if it engages on any investigation of alleged anomalies.

The incumbent APNU+AFC coalition, while claiming victory in the elections, has repeatedly claimed that there was voter fraud by way of migrated and dead persons voting and party agents have been making numerous objections in this regard during the national recount of the ballots.

Alexander said GECOM will have to ascertain the magnitude of these occurrences in order to make a statement on the credibility of the elections.

He reasoned that the credibility of the elections is exactly why GECOM embarked on a recount exercise and it would be imprudent to ignore the claims of anomalies in making a final declaration.

“There are some people who feel that GECOM should wait to investigate… GECOM has to determine whether the information is evidential,” Alexander added.

On the issue of “dead voters,” Alexander said doesn’t know of any action by GECOM on those claims.

Alexander also said that he doesn’t know of significant reports in terms of deaths but supported claims that “the matter of births and deaths is not a private matter and anyone can enquire officially.”

He opined that GECOM should “take a death certificate on the face of the document. Once it is an official document, I think we should take it as it worth.”

This is the first time there has been any revelation that GECOM has embarked on a course of action that could be seen as a form of investigation.

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