Mother still in shock after daughter dies in Rupert Craig Highway accident


By Isanella Patoir

Forty-four-year old Anita Ramjit, a mother of three of Lusignan Pasture, East Coast Demerara (ECD) remains in a state of shock after her youngest daughter was killed in an accident Thursday morning on the Rupert Craig Highway, ECD.

Ramjit, who was also involved in the accident, received minor injuries to the head and knees. She was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital and later discharged, however, her 20-year-old daughter, Sabita Sookhoo succumbed to her injuries.

Another daughter, Navita Ramjit told the News Room that her mother is not her usual self and is not talking as much since the accident. According to Navita, her mother and sister left their Lusignan home for Georgetown to stock up on food and other supplies.

“They heard about the lockdown and they were going to buy stuff for the house, I got the message when my father came home and told me that my mother was in an accident and it was nothing serious, but then he ask me where is my sister so I told him she gone with mommy,” Navita explained.

The scene of the accident [Photo: News Room]
She said they did not think her sister had died because they heard the accident was not that serious.

“I keep calling my mommy, when she answered she said my sister is unconscious and she is not responding.

“My sister was quiet; even though we fight a lot, we always made up you know that sisterly thing but she was a nice person,” Navita said.

A post mortem conducted on Friday showed that the young woman died as a result of a fractured skull which she sustained in the accident.

Sabita worked as a cashier at a Superbet outlet.

Another passenger in the route 44 minibus, Marlyn Wilson, 44, of Golden Grove also received injuries to the head.

Police have since arrested two men who robbed the injured passengers in the minibus after the accident.

The minibus driver, who has since been arrested, claimed that he stopped to pick up a passenger when a motorcar, a blue Rav4, crashed into him from the side.

The driver of the car, of Non Pareil, ECD received injuries to the chest and neck.

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