APNU+AFC refuses to sign certificate for Reg. 3; 100 ballot boxes counted Sunday


The incumbent APNU+AFC has refused to sign the certificate of Recount for Region 3 which shows that it received a total of 23,808 votes when compared to the 23,811 listed in the original declaration.

The Coalition continues to express concern about the words “valid votes” stated on the certificate of recount on the basis that the March 2 general and regional elections were not credible.

Thus far, the Coalition has refused to sign the recount certificates for Regions 2, 5, 7 and 8.

The Certificate of Recount for Region Three

Their party agent did sign for Region 1.

Meanwhile, the recount showed that the Opposition People’s Progressive Party received a total of 47, 851 when compared to 47,855 stated in the original declaration.

On Day 26 of the recount process at the Arthur Chung Conference Center, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) completed a total of 100 ballot boxes – the highest count since the process began on May 6.

At the end of Sunday, 41 boxes were recounted for Region 4, 34 for Region 6, 10 for Region 9 and 15 for Region 10.

This means that 1,739 boxes have been processed so far and 600 are outstanding.

The recount for Region Nine will be completed Monday morning.

See below the number of boxes processed and those outstanding: 

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