No way of connecting persons APNU+AFC claimed were abroad with ballots – PPP


See below full statement issued by the People’s Progressive Party:

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) notes a letter sent by the Commissioner of Police to the Chairperson of GECOM, providing a list of persons who were allegedly out of the country on Elections Day. We wish to highlight that a political party APNU+AFC, not the Government, was provided by the Commissioner of Police/Immigration Department with the immigration records of citizens without their consent, which APNU+AFC is using for it nefarious political agenda. The matter is compounded by the Commissioner of Police purporting to verify the very information that he or his servants/agents supplied to that political party.

It is already on the public record that APNU+AFC is concocting these allegations. One would recall a couple in Berbice who are in Guyana and voted for APNU+AFC but  APNU+AFC claimed that those persons were overseas on Elections Day. This issue was fully ventilated in the Kaieteur News. We have also found hundreds of persons who were in Guyana on March 2, and voted, yet APNU+AFC claimed that they were out of the jurisdiction on election day. Certainly if the information provided by the Commissioner of Police/his servants and or agents are false, such misrepresentation will not be without consequences at the appropriate time.

In any event, there is no way of connecting any of the persons who APNU+AFC claim were abroad with the ballots cast on March 2, so it is all a wild fishing expedition to delay the declaration of the results. We continue to maintain that GECOM has no jurisdiction to hear and determine these matters which can only be addressed by the High Court in an election petition. However, we wish to make it abundantly clear that the PPP/C is not afraid of any investigation or inquiry of any type and is ready to participate in any such activity at the appropriate time and at the right forum.

The PPP/C intends to seek an audience with the Chairperson for clarification on this latest development.
It will be recalled that in a sample of 87 ballot boxes on the East Bank Demerara, Mingo fraudulently gifted to APNU+AFC over 5000 votes. In order to detract from Mingo’s fraud and in their frantic effort to prevent the declaration of the final results of the recount, the likes of Joseph Harmon will manufacture more ridiculous allegations, such as that 96,000 ballots cast are invalid.

No doubt, as the recount continues to establish that the PPP/C won a landslide victory, APNU+AFC desperation will rise to fever-pitch over the next few days and we will have to confront many more wild and bizarre contentions.

People’s Progressive Party

May 31st, 2020.

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