Certificate of Region Eight recount signed off; Coalition again opts out


The certificate of the national vote recount for District Eight has been completed and signed off, but the incumbent APNU+AFC, which secured the most votes, has again withheld their signature.

APNU+AFC is withholding its signature from the certificates as it continues to build on a huge pile of claims seeking to discredit the electoral process, which all of its leaders, including President David Granger had initially hailed as being free and fair.

The certificate shows APNU+AFC secured 2, 152 votes; the original declaration had the Coalition with four (4) less votes.

The recount figure for the PPP is 2, 052 compared to the original declaration of 2, 049.

The Liberty and Justice Party secured 450 votes; it had one less in the original declaration.

The New Movement received 11 votes.

District Eight brings to six the number of Districts for which tabulation has been tabulated and certified.

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