Region Ten records 10th case of COVID-19


Region Ten has recorded its 10th case of COVID-19, and the Regional Health and Emergency Committee has expressed grave concern that residents continue to disregard the measures in place to curb the spread of the disease.

Regional Chairman Renis Morian said he fully supports whatever measures are needed to bring about compliance.

“Whatever is needed in bringing this situation under control I fully support as we continue seeing irresponsible behaviour, which is aiding the problem,” Moran said in a statement Wednesday.

Regional Health Officer Dr Pansy Armstrong revealed that of the family which had seen six of its members being tested positive, two have recovered. This, she said, now brings the total number of recoveries from the region to three. One person from the region has died of the disease.

According to the statement, Deputy Regional Police Commander Wayne Dehearte disclosed that the Police are doing their part but stressed that there is need for increased regulations and the Police will gladly enforce all related regulations.

“We have been saying that the relevant authorities need to increase measures and restrictions and the police will certainly seek to ensure same as its evident that measures implemented are not stringent enough,” the Deputy Commander said.

A COVID-19 screening tent in Linden [Photo: Isanella Patoir/News Room]
President of the Linden Chamber of Commerce Victor Fernandes noted that while there are some persons complying with the regulation, there continues to be the issue of those not adhering.

He said that as the President of the Chamber he understands the concerns and fears of several businesses. Fernandes noted that several businesses have been significantly affected by the current pandemic.

He said that while he like many businesses would like to see things return to normalcy, the reality is that it is safer to wait until there is a definite flattening of the curve before making such a decision.

“It is important to know that the Chamber stands committed and in support of the recommendation…to extend the curfew as we are seeing that things will not change easily and quickly. Therefore, it is important that businesses and everyone recognize that we can only get over this if we adhere and pay keen attention to the regulations,” he declared.

Head of the Committee Orrin Gordon echoed similar sentiments, stressing that for success to be achieved stringent measures must be maintained.

“We must understand that the curfew related measures are not permanent and it must be adhered to irrespective of who it is,” he said.

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