Coalition demands GECOM’s response on voter fraud allegations by tomorrow


With the national vote recount exercise still ongoing, the incumbent APNU+AFC is pressing the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to say what it intends to do about allegations put forward by the Coalition of voter fraud.

The APNU+AFC is making this demand although there is a gazetted order that stipulates how GECOM must conduct the recount exercise and make its declaration. The recount is slated to end on or before June 13, 2020.

Campaign Manager of the Coalition, Joseph Harmon said the coalition expects GECOM to provide a response by Friday, June 5, 2020.

“We will have to get a decision from GECOM on this matter and we are serving notice that we expect a decision by GECOM on these matters by the end of Friday, June 5, 2020. They must say to us how they will treat with these matters. It is very important,” Harmon said.

Asked about the coalition’s plans in the event that GECOM fails to make its position known by Friday, Harmon said the APNU+AFC will then seek an audience with the Commission’s Chairman Justice (retired) Claudette Singh.

That meeting, Harmon said, would be used to insist on the APNU+AFC’s demand for a response to its submissions to the Commission.

The Coalition had claimed that, among other things, citizens who migrated or are dead are marked off as having voted on March 02, 2020, but has not provided any proof.

Speaking at a press conference that was attended by a lone private media entity and broadcast live on the National Communication Network Thursday, Harmon accused “PPP elements of forcing a delay on these issues of fraud.”

“We cannot sail through this process and at the end hold onto these make-believe figures when there are serious issues that deal with the validity of those figures and these are the issues, we are demanding that GECOM address,” he added.

On Wednesday, the coalition released a statement in which it claimed that the results of the recount would lack credibility and noted its intent to have the March 02, 2020 elections voided.

Harmon repeated those sentiments on Thursday, questioning the credibility of some 90,000 votes based on revelations coming out of the recount.

The Coalition has not provided any substantial evidence up to this point to prove its claims of voter fraud and has repeatedly claimed victory in the elections.

It is important to note that Harmon completely ignored the inflation of numbers by Returning Officer for District #4 Clairmont Mingo in favour of the incumbent.

Harmon ignored what the recount has so far confirmed in relation to Mingo but insisted that his opposition People’s Progressive Party was responsible for electoral fraud.

The PPP is currently pegged to win the recount by roughly 14,000 votes with only ballots boxes in district #4 remaining to be recounted.

President David Granger had said that he will accept any declaration made by GECOM.

Harmon wrapped up his press briefing by noting that the Chairman continues to enjoy the confidence of the Coalition.

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