Another COVID-19 patient who tested negative now tests positive again


A few COVID-19 persons who were once cleared have retested positive for the Coronavirus, raising concerns.

The patient recently received his results. He told the News Room that he was tested negative last week and was shocked to receive another positive this week.

“I don’t know what’s going on with this system of testing people in this country, cause I am here now about 30 days getting negative/positive, then for another test it’s negative and I receive a message that I am positive again,” the frustrated patient said.

Added to this, the patient said he is facing discrimination from staff while in isolation.

His frustration builds every day in isolation because he is not certain if he will have a job when he is released; he still has a family to feed and bills to pay.

“They collecting you from your home and bring you to these facilities and then you got to make your own itation [make your own way],” the patient said.

When contacted by the News Room for a comment on the matter, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Karen Boyle said she could not provide a comment unless she is given the name of the patient.

The patient, however, does not want his name to be released on the grounds that the staff victimize them when they speak with the media.

Meanwhile, an asymptomatic COVID-19 patient, who has been in isolation for over 72 days, also retested positive for the deadly disease on June 05.

The 33-year-old man was tested positive in late March and has been in isolation since then. He is among the first COVID-19 cases in Guyana.

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