The New Movement reflects on electoral process; says youth should play more active role


The following statement was issued by The New Movement, one of the parties which combined its list with that of ANUG and LJP for the March 02 elections. Together, the parties have won one seat in the National Assembly.

See below full statement:

At the end of this historic recount The New Movement thanks all the voters who believed in our ideology enough to give us a chance at the 2020 elections. We also thank all the supporters and well-wishers we have gained over the past months.

This experience has been a transformative one for our members and volunteers. TNM will surely continue our development as it is our firm belief that youth should play a more active role at the highest level of Guyanese politics in order to bring a breath of fresh air to this divisive and toxic political climate we will inherit.

After observing the infamous attempt to deviate from the Representation of The People’s Act at the Ashmins building and ensuing chaos created on the 6th of March, our movement supported the two political leaders’ bid to bring resolution by a total recount of all 10 districts under the observation of the CARICOM team. Our main reason for supporting this was to reveal all other acts of fraud that has occurred during the election so that the true will of the Guyanese people will be expressed. Our position sparked criticism from a large section of the population.

The recount is almost over and numerous irregularities inclusive of the faulty declaration of the region 4 returning officer, missing and inconsistent inputs on statutory documents have arisen. Allegations of voter fraud in the form of dead and overseas voters are yet to be proven. All these occurrences have vindicated our initial position that there were irregularities and the votes should be recounted.

However, the recount process has brought the nation to a dangerous position where the credibility of the elections is being questioned by a large portion of the society. Thankfully, our 50-year-old republic has developed institutions to resolve such problems. These institutions outlined in article 162 and 163 of the constitution are the GECOM Commission and the High Courts. It is the firm belief of The New Movement that all political, procedural and legal disagreements be solved in those institutions. Any other method of resolving this matter including protest, irresponsible statements and deviation from rule of law will be highly irresponsible in this charged racial and political climate where we have already seen injury, disruption of public life, loss of life and property in the past and recently on the 6th of March 2020. The economic and COVID 19 crisis has further complicated the situation and irresponsible actions will bring further hardships to the majority normal Guyanese people who struggle day to day and paycheck to paycheck.

To the leaders of PPP and the APNU-AFC, the Guyanese people are looking to you for responsible and decisive leadership to preserve peace and foster national unity. As leaders of the largest blocks of society your collective actions over the next days will be judged by history just as we judge the actions of our post-independence leaders. Do not be remembered as the leaders who shepherd the country to destruction at the time we were about to achieve prosperity.

To the Guyanese People which comprise more than 60% youth, resist the urge, especially by political leaders who enjoy cordial relationships behind the scenes, to endanger your lives on the streets in confrontation with your political opposition and police in the midst of a health crisis. This generation do not want to return to the days of strife of the 60’s of which we are still feeling the effects. Our people have suffered enough under colonial rule and post-independence antagonism. This is the time for national unity. Our children will judge our actions just as we judge the actions of our parents.

To the new political parties, the time has come for us to come together at the center of the Guyanese political spectrum to offer critical analysis and workable alternatives for the Guyanese people. We have seen there is need for a vibrant third force and an end to majority and winner take all government.

The New Movement:

  1. Acknowledges there is numerical advantage of the PPP/C gained over all other parties in the recount according to the disseminated GECOM tabulation figures however we await and will abide by the final declaration of GECOM commission as it is the only body empowered by the constitution to make final declarations and decisions on the election matters.
  2. Repudiates violence, threats of violence and racism and to call for persons who commit such act to be brought to justice.
  3. Promotes calls for constitutional reform to bring about shared governance and electoral reform in order to decrease the chances of a reoccurrence of this debacle.
  4. Supports calls and efforts for national unity and reconciliation.
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