Simulated racing being developed for South Dakota Circuit


By Akeem Greene

A group of racing enthusiasts, who formed the Caribbean Simulated Racing (CSR) Group, has undertaken a project to build a Virtual replica of the South Dakota Circuit.

Though the project is not fully complete, it has been gathering support from local motor-racers and fans alike.

Sim (simulated) racing is the collective term for computer software that attempts to accurately simulate auto racing, complete with real-world variables such as fuel usage, damage, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings.

Luis Kumar, the architect behind GFX Racing, is the one developing the Virtual South Dakota Circuit, which is only available for a Computer platform and not the usual gaming consoles. The game being used to access the virtual is Asseto Corsa.

“The discussion came up- you know what would be nice to have a [SIM] series in the Caribbean or to drive at South Dakota and I said let me look into it…we found [the] software and Paul Jiwanram [another motor-racing enthusiast] purchased it and I started doing work and within three-four days we came up with a draft of South Dakota.”

The project is being developed by Luis Kumar (inset)

“What we achieved in four days was just remarkable, by just using Google’s data, and the guys who drive at South Dakota said it was the real deal but we’re are about 70% complete,” Kumar indicated to News Room Sport.

Outstanding aspects of the project are getting the correct elevation and adding more landmarks to create a realistic feel.

The Go-karter felt the project can certainly extend to the entire Caribbean, but will need the support of those motor-racing federations.

“It could be good and it could be bad for the Caribbean because some other countries might not see [the need for] the use of this…they are thinking it is just a game. Former F1 champion Nico Rosberg said Racing SIM is the future of motor-racing and I think people right now know the importance; so for now it should be South Dakota alone because I don’t know how the other Caribbean countries will take it.”

“For Guyana there are some local drivers that want to get on board and they are just waiting. So far we have presented it to the members of the GMR&SC and there has been no negative feedback.”

Kumar is optimistic in another two months he will finish developing the track layout in the game.

With regards to the completion of the product, he indicated that will be dependent on other motor-racing enthusiasts Stefan Gajie and John Greene who are trying to implement structure and rules.

Interested persons can join Caribbean SIM Racers on Facebook.

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