Fire leaves Port Mourant family with over $22M in damage


A fire of unknown origin ripped through a five-bedroom wooden and concrete structure that housed a grocery shop leaving in its wake approximately $22M in damage.

Businesswoman and owner of the house, Tajpattie Jaundoo was barely able to engage the media as she fought to hold back tears after witnessing the destruction of her place of abode.

The fire started at around 12:30h Thursday in the upper flat of the house located at Lot 279, Ankerville Port Mourant.

The fire completely destroyed the house

According to Jaundoo, she lived there with her husband and three children who were all in the lower flat at the time of the fire.

She recalled hearing “popping” sound in the upper flat and was greeted with a large ball of fire in the hallway.

The businesswoman told the News Room that the Fire Service took a while to respond and when they did, firefighters were unable to extinguish the blaze because of “mechanical issues” to the firefighting equipment.

Tejpattie Jaundoo

As such, residents and family members formed a bucket brigade and quickly went into action and managed to save two neighbouring houses.

The family only managed to save a sofa from the house.

The family only managed to save a sofa from the house.

Residents at the scene expressed disappointment with the Fire Service and called on the relevant authorities to ensure they put systems and resources in place to avoid such occurrences.

Jaundoo is now faced with uncertainty about the future of her family and their next move.

She is also puzzled as to what may have caused the fire since the house was powered by solar.

Firemen and residents trying to fix a generator at the scene of the fire
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