CARICOM team cites Coalition agents for ‘blatant incivility’ and ‘totally unacceptable’ behaviour


The CARICOM high-level team which scrutinised the national vote recounted cited agents of the Coalition APNU+AFC for behaviour it said was unacceptable.

“The level of aggression displayed by some agents in the recount work stations leaves much to be desired.

“Indeed, the conduct displayed by some of the observed party agents (APNU+AFC) was totally unacceptable,” the Team stated.

It said the conduct of the APNU+AFC agents not only cheapened the dignity of the recount exercise but it contributed immensely to the atmosphere of intimidation experienced by some of the GECOM staff. The district supervisors had to be summoned to quell some untenable situations.

“The Team observed many instances of blatant incivility on the part of ANU+AFC agents particularly in Region 4 work stations which were acute during the first week of the national recount,” the Team stated.

It added that often these emotional outbursts, loud shouts, arrogance, aggressive and dismissive attitude descended into shouts of “Shut Up” and one occasion to personal insults and invectives, including one which alleged that the PPP/Civic party representative was a “paedophile.”

The Team, in its recommendations, suggested that there should be a code of conduct governing the behaviour of party agents.

However, the Team noted that the presence of the agents was critical for many reasons, not least among which of course is the issue of transparency.

“The agents, particularly the representatives of APNU+AFC and PPP were diligent advocates and defenders of their respective parties.

“Further, they served as that important fifth set of eyes so to speak, where for a variety of reasons, GECOM staff were unable to detect errors.”

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