No proof of electoral fraud – CARICOM Team


The CARICOM high-level team which scrutinised the national vote recount said no proof of electoral fraud made by APNU+AFC was offered.

The Team said the unfortunate effect of making allegations of persons voting in the name of dead persons or those who were out of the country and having those allegations broadcast live was to provide fodder to persons who peddle those allegations as factual.

“This invariably and unfortunately led to a false narrative in the public domain that the elections were not credible and that massive electoral fraud occurred on pol day,” the Team stated.

“But perhaps this was precisely the political objective,” the Team concluded.

It blamed GECOM for allowing this to happen because it remained undecided about the nature of the national recount.

“With absolutely no evidence to substantiate the allegations, this was often the source of major contention in the work stations as all other political parties objected to the allegations raised by APNU+AFC agents,” the Team stated.

The Team did not view the objections raised by the APNU+AFC as materially relevant to the recount of the ballot and “we simply have no evidence as to who were the ultimate beneficiaries of the alleged ‘ghost voting’ and voter impersonation.”

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