ERC investigating racist remarks by ‘Guyanese Critic’


The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) says it is reviewing a video in “which well-known social media personality ‘Guyanese Critic ‘ is heard making racially insensitive remarks against Guyanese of African descent, Christians and even a claim that Indians drink cow urine.”

The ERC in a statement noted that the matter is currently being pursued by the investigative team “and its potentially harmful effects to ethnic harmony.”

The ‘Guyanese Critic’ whose correct name is Mikhail Rodrigues, will appear before the ERC at 12 noon today.

He has come in for severe criticisms from sections of society, including politicians, over his remarks which disparaged Afro Guyanese.

A petition has been launched for his Facebook page to be removed from Facebook and there is a trending #cancelcritic on social media.

Rodrigues has since issued an apology on his Facebook page.

He said, “It has been brought to my attention by many of my followers and supporters that a snippet from a video from this morning “GUYANESE CRITIC MORNING LIVE” is being used out of its intended context by persons seemed bent on creating false narratives at a very sensitive time in our country. Let me say that having seen the clips in isolation, I can understand how insensitive my comments appear and for that I apologise.”

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