Hit and run accident turned life upside down for father of four


By Isanella Patoir

Four years ago, a Herstelling, East Bank Demerara father of four was severely injured in a hit and run accident. Today, he continues to suffer from several complications as a result of his injuries, rendering him incapable of working to provide for his family.

Thirty-five-year-old Terry Joseph had to undergo two major surgeries which were followed by a number of complications.

Joseph, during an interview with the News Room Wednesday at his Herstelling, East Bank Demerara home said he began to suffer from shortness of breath late last year and was subsequently diagnosed with pulmonary edema – a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs.

The condition can accumulate from heart problems, pneumonia and trauma to the chest wall among others.

“The vehicle that hit me, drive off and I didn’t get to see who was it, no number plate nothing and I got three fractured ribs and after a couple of months it healed and I didn’t take it so serious to know it would have affect me so,” Joseph said.

After the first surgery in January 2020 to drain the fluid from the lungs, Joseph began to experience other complications and was then diagnosed with empyema, a type of infection that caused the surgical wound to ooze.

As a result of the infection, a part of his right lung was so badly infected that the doctors had to resect it. Doctors also removed one of his rib bones during a second surgery which was done in May. A pericardial window surgery was also done to create a hole in his chest to drain the infection.

“It is healing right now but it still got a hole sometimes I get migraine, weakness, bad feelings and a lot of pain…many of nights my family get sleepless night when I am groaning for pain,” Joseph said.

Joseph could not work at sea anymore and as a result, he started to offload and clean fish at the wharf, but then he got even sicker.

“Just so a day when I go out to work I started getting bad feelings, I couldn’t breathe and I called my wife and she said go to the hospital and while waiting on the doctor I fainted and woke up in the emergency.”

He was rushed to the hospital many times and about a week ago, Joseph said he started to vomit profusely and after another visit to the doctor, he was told his stomach is now damaged after consuming too much medication.

Joseph worked as a fisherman for the past 15 years but now his wife has to go out to the fishery to purchase fish to sell in order for them to survive.

Joseph explained that he now experiences difficulty sleeping, weakness, nausea and migraines but he is thankful to still be alive and is hoping for a full recovery.

“I want to thank God that I am safe and here now and I am hoping and praying for a fast recovery and healing so I could do something for my family,” Joseph said.

In the meantime, the family is seeking assistance from the public during this time. Anyone willing to assist the family can contact +592 691 8749 or +592 673 2035.

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