Court of Appeal to Friday hear case filed to block declaration of elections results


The Court of Appeal will Friday hear a motion filed to block the declaration of the results of the March 02 elections as determined by the recount.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Thursday put off a scheduled meeting to decide on the declaration of the elections results after two APNU+AFC Commissioners failed to show up to the meeting; in any case, there was no elections results report for them to consider as the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, has not submitted his report.

Lowenfield had up to 13:00 hrs Thursday to submit his report.

Another meeting was scheduled for 13:00 hrs on Friday but that has also been cancelled because the Court of Appeal will hear the motion filed to block the declaration of the results at 13: 30 hrs.

Lowenfield refused to submit his report on the results of the elections merely because he received the Notice of Motion that Court proceedings had been filed.

A Notice of Motion simply informs that a case was filed and has no legal effect restraining or preventing Lowenfield from submitting his report.

“A Notice of Motion was filed in the Court of Appeal and served on the Chairperson and CEO,” Yoland Ward, the Public Relations Officer for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) told reporters.

She said the notice was served on Lowenfield before 13:00hrs, the deadline for submission of his report.

According to Ward, the Notice restrains the CEO from “complying with the directions of Chairperson” and as a consequence, a report was not submitted.

But the Court of Appeal at the time had not issued and still has not granted any injunction or orders preventing Lowenfield, the Chairperson of GECOM or the Commission from acting.

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