Palms trio beat COVID-19


The elderly are known to be among the most vulnerable in the fight against COVID 19. However, on Wednesday – three residents of the Palms Geriatric Home celebrated their incredible journey of recovering from the disease that has killed in excess of 400,000 persons worldwide.

Zorie De Mattos, 105; Sheila Gill, 78 and Fazil Mohamed 64 were joined by the doctors and nurses for a celebratory treat in the Home’s Infirmary before they were integrated into the general ward.

While the trio was indulging in their chocolate treats, the staff of the Palms including resident doctors, Dr. Laura Perera and Dr. Iliana Reyes and the nurses were enthused that their hard work paid off since they had worked feverishly to ensure the affected residents received the best medical care.

Ms. DeMattos, 105,a resident of the Palms since 1971, wore a tiara to celebrate her feat

Dr. Perera disclosed that a specialized diet, vitamins, round the clock care and love were the main attributing factors for the successful recoveries.

A total of 12 residents were infected with the virus. Unfortunately, two died but the remaining seven, whose ages are between 55 and 90 are being monitored continuously and will be retested on Friday, June 19, 2020.

The team of doctors and nurses that worked to ensure the affected residents received the best medical care.

Doneth Mingo, COVID 19 Coordinator for the Home, is optimistic that the results will be negative. She revealed that once the green-light is given by the doctors, all safety measures will be implemented to ensure the residents join the others in the general ward.

The Ministries of Social Protection and Health were applauded by the Coordinator and Resident Doctors for providing crucial expertise and equipment to the Palms to fight the spread of the virus. The Ministry of Health, through the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), has 30 doctors in its Intensive Care COVID-19 Unit (ICCU), and two doctors from the said Unit visit and monitor the Palms’ patients on a daily basis. (Ministry of Social Protection)

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