Friends shot while attending birthday party in Friendship Village, Corentyne


Two persons are currently hospitalised in a stable condition at the New Amsterdam Hospital nursing gunshot wounds and other injuries to the body after they were attacked and beaten by four men during a birthday party at Friendship Village, East Berbice Corentyne Sunday night.

Injured are 22-year-old Joel Fraser of Liverpool Village and 36-year-old Bhoopaul Roopnarine. They both had to undergo surgery.

The News Room understands that Fraser sustained a broken arm and foot; he also received injuries to the head and gunshot wounds to his body. Bhoopaul was shot in the foot and lower abdomen.

An eyewitness told the News Room that the two men and others were at the birthday party and at around 22:15h, Fraser left the yard to urinate when he came under attack by the four men who were armed with a shotgun and several pieces of wood.

Joel Fraser at the New Amsterdam Hospital

“Them guys come up towards Joel knocking up the post with the cutlass and cussing up, so Joel ask them what is the problem, so they start pelting bottles on he, he try to walk up to them and that’s when one of them buss the shot. One ah it catch he to the foot and he fall down. When he fall, they tackled he and start beating he with the wood,” the eyewitness told the News Room.

Roopnarine and others ran to Fraser’s assistance when Roopnarine was also shot and beaten.

The motive behind the shooting and beating is not yet clear.

“We just go the party in that Village, we don’t know them and that’s the first time we went up there. No body ain’t even start a fight with them. They was just out fuh trouble,” the eyewitness claimed.

Police have since arrested one of the suspects and are on the hunt for the three others.

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