Building a house for Aishalton’s Aunty Stella


The Aishalton Village Council in Region Nine has begun an ambitious project to build houses for the disabled and elderly in the village, starting with one for Aunty Stella, an amputee and a pensioner.

Some time ago, a heart-breaking video was shared on social media showing Aunty Stella using her hands as support to go to a nearby creek to take a bath. Nurse Mary Scipio advocated for a donation of a wheelchair to assist Aunty Stella in moving around.

Aunty Stella currently lives alone at a pig ranch where there is no bathroom facility for her. She continues to use the creek for bathing, washing and cleaning.

A few years ago, Aunty Stella had her left leg removed by amputation due to diabetes. She currently resides some six kilometres from the central part of the village.

On June 14, the Council held an emergency meeting and took a decision to build a house in the village for Aunty Stella within the near future. Aunty Stella agreed to move in immediately once the house is completed.

Aunty Stella

Toshao Michael Thomas said the project will take time as the Council lacks the funds and the inclement weather is also hampering the extraction of wood materials.

On June 17, Toshao Thomas made an appeal for assistance in making this venture a reality. He lamented the lack of funds and some help has been provided to start the house.

The health staff at Aishalton Hospital currently monitors Aunty Stella and provides health care.

The Toshao also stated that over the next 10 months, the Council intends to build six more houses for the disabled and elderly within the village.

According to him, many Toshaos before him had considered building shelters for the elderly where basic care can be provided for them, however, this never materialized and therefore, the Toshao and his Council are working to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Toshao Thomas noted that once the building is completed, it will still need basic furnishing.

Therefore, an appeal is being made for assistance from anyone who is willing to make a contribution.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this cause can call the Village council on +592 681-9912.

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