Mother of 6 jumps out of burning house with 6-month-old baby


A mother’s instincts to protect her children resulted in Natasha Gittens jumping from her two-storey house which was on fire with her six-month-old baby girl on Tuesday night.

The mother of six and her husband Jerry Jones woke up to flames around them at their Duncan Street, Campbellville Georgetown house.

“I had to go through the back and jumped from the top flat with her just to save both of us,” Gittens told the News Room.

As a result of her heroic act, Gittens sustained a sprained ankle but noted she is thankful to be alive.

Natasha Gittens, her husband Jerry Jones and their six children are now homeless

She said the family retired to bed sometime after 21:00h; she and her husband subsequently woke up after hearing the screams of their children.

“When I got up like all them children run downstairs and just me and my daughter left in the room while the whole surrounding on fire,” Gittens explained.

The fire completely destroyed the building and everything in it, including a refrigerator, four beds, a gas stove, washing machine, television set and the children’s electronic gadgets among other items.

Firefighters battling the inferno [Photo: News Room/June 23, 2020]
Gittens works as a sweeper cleaner at a secondary school in Georgetown while her husband is a construction worker.

She and her husband were caretakers of the property; they are unsure what caused the fire. The family has been living there for about four years now.

Gittens and her family are currently staying with relatives. The children are 16, 13, 10, 8, 6 and six-months-old. Anyone willing to assist the family during this time can contact them on telephone numbers 628-7150 or 675-7557.

Firefighters battling the inferno [Photo: News Room/June 23, 2020]
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