BCB, RHTY&SC continue cricket development work in West Berbice


“As President of the Berbice Cricket Board, I have a policy that every sub-area would benefit equally, whether they voted for my administration or not. The goal is to make sure that every talent is properly developed, so that overall structure of Berbice Cricket is strong. All five sub-areas- West Berbice, Upper Corentyne, Central/Lower Corentyne, New Amsterdam/Canje and Berbice River would continue to benefit from the Berbice Cricket Board as long as I am President.”

Those were the words of Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) President Hilbert Foster as he handed over a donation of 10 scorebooks, cricket law book and 100 youth development booklets, valued at over $100,000 to the West Berbice Cricket Association.

Foster, who was re-elected to the BCB Presidency in December 2019 by a 31-0 vote, disclosed that cricketers, clubs, schools and sub-associations have benefitted from millions of dollars’ worth of items over the last two and a half years.

The donated items included stumps, cricket gear, cricket balls, coaching equipment, scorebooks, weather coats, trophies, cricket uniforms, medals, educational materials, school bags, bicycles among others.

Noting that the majority of clubs struggle to survive due to the high cost of playing the game, the President recommitted the BCB to assisting as much as possible.

The scorebooks would be distributed to the active clubs in the Sub-Associations, while the 100 youth development booklets would be given to clubs that have junior cricket teams.

The MCC Law of Cricket would be the property of the WBCA, to assist the Association in the development of the game. Under Foster’s leadership, the BCB has invested heavily in the development of the game in West Berbice.

Several cricket tournaments have been organised by the board for clubs in the sub-associations, while they have also played in over forty tournaments which was county-wide.

Clubs in the sub-association have also received balls, stumps, water coolers, bicycles, educational posters among others. The BCB has also assisted in the hosting of several cricket academies in the area.

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