Dharmic Sabha urges respect for democracy


The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha has issued the following statement on Guyana’s electoral process:

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha remains concerned about the developments surrounding Guyana’s elections. Almost 4 months have elapsed since Guyanese voted in national elections and there is still no official declaration of the results.

There was a lengthy recount process which was observed by all parties and the results of the recount were described by the CARICOM Observer team as being acceptable and constituting the basis for the declaration of credible results of the March 2, 2020 elections. The international community has also joined in calling for a declaration of the results on the basis of the recount with CARICOM Chair and Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados being one of the prominent voices.

The attacks on Prime Minister Mottley following her statement are reprehensible. As a Head of State, Chair of CARICOM and an outstanding Caribbean woman, Prime Minister Mottley has the inalienable right to express her views on the current untenable post-election state-of-affairs in Guyana. A report, prepared by the high-level CARICOM team that observed the recount process at the behest and approval of President Granger, has provided the basis for Prime Minister Mottley as the sitting Chair of CARICOM, to give a statement on Guyana’s unresolved elections. To spew vitriol and offensive remarks on this distinguished leader for speaking in her characteristic forthright manner about the “bizarre” nature of the post-elections period, as well as the attempt by CEO of GECOM to manipulate the results of the election by disenfranchising thousands(115,000) of voters is offensive and disrespectful. Her comments mirror the sentiments of many Guyanese, global leaders, international organisations and the diplomatic community.

In the zeal to disagree politically, people must not degenerate into indecency and flagrant disrespect. Leaders must be responsible and set a good example for their supporters. Everyone is entitled to express their views and differ but spewing hate is not going to change the fact that Guyana still remains in limbo four months after elections with a stagnant economy, concerns related to COVID-19 and many challenges facing our nation and its people as a result of this impasse.

Further, it is of utmost importance that all Guyanese stand together as Guyana prepares to present its case on the border controversy with Venezuela before the International Court of Justice on June 30th.

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha commends our Guyanese brothers and sisters for their patience throughout this period and urges all to let their words and conduct be free from hatred, resentment and ill-will. We must continue to insist on respect for democracy and accountability from GECOM in the declaration of the results of the election reflecting all the votes and the will of the Guyanese people.

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