COVID-19 hotspot Santa Rosa to go under full lockdown from Saturday


The Community of Santa Rosa in the Moruca sub-district, Region One will be proceeding on a total lockdown from Saturday, July 5 for two weeks as its COVID-19 cases increased to over 70 in the past week.

Village Leader, Waunita Phillips in a telephone interview with the News Room Wednesday said, “We’re trying to keep people in, and [stop] the passenger boats from going out and coming in.”

She said one cargo boat will be allowed to go out each week to transport hampers which are being sent to residents.

Shops will be permitted to open from 08:00h to 11:00h from Monday to Friday so that persons can be able to purchase their necessities. During this time, limited vending will be permitted.

Phillips previously told the News Room that despite a curfew being in place since April 3 along with strict guidelines, residents have not been adhering to the measures.

On Wednesday, she said even with over 70 confirmed cases, there are still some persons who are not adhering to the measures to guard against the spread of the deadly disease.

“Some of them are saying there is no Coronavirus, those are the ones we are working with and are trying to get them to understand that it is serious…there is not a specific age group, it varies because some of the elderly do not believe at all that there is Coronavirus,” the Village Leader said.

The Amerindian People’s Association (APA), the National Toshaos Council (NTC) and other donors have been sending hampers to the community of Santa Rosa for persons in isolation and their families.

Santa Rosa is the most populated indigenous village in Guyana with approximately 12,000 residents.

The community recorded its first case on May 25. Subsequently, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed its first community transmission in Guyana.

Those who have tested positive include Police officers, health workers and teachers.

As of June 30, Guyana recorded 245 known cases of COVID-19, including 114 recoveries and 12 deaths.

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