10 persons in COVID-19 ICU, one new case reported


Ten persons are in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital while Guyana recorded one new case on Sunday, pushing the overall known cases to 273.

The total cases also include 15 deaths and 120 recoveries. There are 138 active cases in institutional isolation and 16 persons in institutional quarantine.

To date, 2,806 persons have tested for the deadly disease of which 2,533 are negative.

A 25-year-old teacher of the Arapaima Nursery School in Lethem, Region Nine was recorded as Guyana’s 15th COVID-19 death. Donna Ambrose Greaves, a mother of a 7-year-old boy died on Saturday night in the COVID-19 ICU, less than a week after two others died from the same disease.

The country’s 14th COVID-19 death was a 34-year-old father of three of Bartica. Abdool Khan died at the Georgetown Public Hospital on July 2; he too was in the COVID-19 ICU since June 22.

His three-year-old child is among those tested positive for the deadly disease in Bartica. Just two days prior to Khan’s death, Guyana recorded its 13th COVID-19 death at the GPHC.

That individual was identified as 42-year-old Bent Street, Albouystown resident.

Kevin Ridley was referred to Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital on Monday, June 29 by another health facility. He had complained of shortness of breath and so doctors at the hospital conducted a COVID-19 test on him but he died hours later the same day at the hospital.


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  1. Don Gomes says

    After all the advise of the danger of contracting the covid-19 flu,people are still not complying fully.
    Stay away from crowds….eg.the seawall lime on sundays and the markets.
    Wear your masks to avoid people with moist spit droplets that fly out far and wide when they sneeze.
    Do not let outsiders visit your home.They may be carrying the virus.
    Sterilize everything.The virus can survive on surfaces for hours: even on money.
    Wipe off all groceries and money .
    Keep your family safe and avoid unnessary trips out in the public.
    ONE family member can do the shopping for groceries.And return home with full gloves and mask gear.
    Ask your friends NOT to visit your home.
    As such you have a good chance of NOT contracting the covid-19 virus.
    Above all do not panic if you get the common flu.
    Keep your flu medications for adults and children if the common flu symptoms affect your family.
    Best practice is NOT to get the covid-19.
    Last but not least,PRAY.

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