Marketing Executive robbed at knifepoint


Jennifer Cipriani, a Marketing Executive, was robbed at knifepoint by two bandits on the Agricola Public Road, East Bank Demerara on Monday just after 15:00h.

Cipriani told the News Room she had stopped to see her parents in Agricola after delivering a hamper on the West Bank of Demerara.

As she went outside of the house to pick up empty bottles, two males – one armed with a knife – walked up and demanded her purse.

“This guy came up to me with a big knife to my face and said ‘give me your bag’ and I started to say don’t do this, I need to get my stuff out of my bag- I wanted to take out my license and bank card etc.

“I had the bag sling across my shoulder and he just slice the bag strap and took it and I had my phone in the other hand and he said give me the phone too,” Cipriani explained.

She was robbed of a Samsung J7 pro, her bank card, ID card, driver’s license and approximately $20,000 cash. The two bandits ran off after committing the act.

Cipriani said she grew up in Agricola and this is the first time she was robbed.

“I am 48-years-old, my dad grew up in Agricola so it’s not like I am a stranger to the village,” Cipriani said.


A report was subsequently made to the Agricola Police Outpost and Cipriani is now hoping that CCTV cameras caught the robbery.

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  1. Stuart Robinowitz says

    Under the APNU goverment robberies are getting more and more – the government is profiting from the country’s resources and is not spending the money on the people and country – what do you expect when Granger and his followers are the biggest thieves and robbers?

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