GECOM Chair now instructs Lowenfield to present elections report by 11am Saturday


Justice Claudette Singh, the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), has once again given written instructions to the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield to provide a report of the results of the national vote recount and submit it to the Commission so a declaration can be made.

Lowenfield has been told to present his report by 11:00h Saturday.

It is the third time Justice Singh will be providing the same instructions to Lowenfield.

“We cannot have one person holding up this country; that is what is happening,” said Commissioner Bibi Shadick after she emerged from a highly contentious meeting in which Lowenfield sought to dictate to the Commission his views instead of following the direct orders he received from Justice Singh.

Lowenfield on Friday failed to submit his elections report as directed by the Chairman using certified figures of the national vote recount which show a win for the Peoples Progressive Party.

In a letter to Lowenfield Friday, Justice Singh said she had carefully noted his concerns but that her letter from Thursday stands, that is, for him to provide a report on the national vote recount using the ten certificates of recount.

He was to submit his report by 14:00h on Friday but did not. Instead, he asked the Chair to provide further guidance, quoting the law and a judgment Wednesday by the Caribbean Court of Justice.

According to Shadick, the chair insisted that any questions about the elections should be dealt with in the High Court by way of an elections petition.

  1. Stuart Robinowitz says

    What is Mr. Lowenfield trying to do. Is he trying to give the caretaker president more time to arrange for his army to take over? Sounds like it. What are they waiting for just do it and accept the consequences.

  2. Anna says

    Fire him AND jail him. The gall of the person!

  3. Muhammad Rahaman says

    Crazy, they should change he name to ‘Crazy Lowenfield ‘.In no uncertain terms this is what he’s begging people to identify him as ‘Crazy ‘.In addition he and the other fools in the Apnu/AFC are stupid. Dem stupid like stupid. Dem should tek some big broomsticks and wallop they ass and chase dem out a de place.Dem a sitdown pun dem ass too long inside deh man.Dem only meking mischief like de wicked devils that they are and holding up de whole country.

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