LJP tells GECOM to ensure Lowenfield is in strict compliance


See below full statement from the Liberty and Justice Party:

The circus that has become known as Elections 2020 has produced yet another act today.

In spite of clear and definitive instructions form the Chair of the GECOM, Justice Claudette Singh, the Chief Election Officer, Kieth Lowenfield, requested clarity in what could only be described as a disingenuous attempt to disobey the instructions aforesaid.

The cheerful readiness with which he attended the preparation of a similar report after the Court of Appeal’s ruling, in which he disenfranchised in excess of 115,000 legitimate voters must be cause for excessive concern to the nation.

The prior occasion on which Mr Lowenfield readily prepared a report using Mingo’s fraudulent numbers shares a similar thread in that it deliberately attempts to thwart the will of the electorate by awarding a victory to the APNU+AFC which has clearly lost the elections by over 24 000 votes.

In this regard, we call on Madam Chair and the Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission to ensure strict compliance by Lowenfield with its instructions, and in the absence thereof, to take stern disciplinary actions, up to and including his removal from office as previously advocated for by the LJP.

The will of the people must be respected and reflected by a declaration using the figures generated from the recount exercise.


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