TCI urges GECOM to take action against Lowenfield if he fails to do his job


See below full statement from TCI:

The Citizenship Initiative (TCI) lauds the effort of Madame Chair Justice Claudette Singh, rtd. today to move Guyana’s election process swiftly along to its conclusion.

We note with concern, however, that it now appears that the Chief Election Officer is unsure of how to comply with clear directives received from the head of the Commission. This position has forced The Chair to now reissue her request a third time.

TCI is of the opinion, that with previous elections experience under his belt, the CEO is more than aware of how his job should be done. In light of this background, the CEO’s action can possibly be construed as insubordinate action against Madame Chair.

We posit that Guyana’s constitution in article 161A (1) gives the Elections Commission responsibility for the efficient functioning of the Secretariat, and appointment of its officers. The Commission, therefore, has the power to remove and to exercise disciplinary control over such staff.  Section 18 of the Election Laws Act No 15 of 2000 stipulates that the CEO is subject to the direction and control of the Commission.

TCI proposes that should CEO Lowenfield appear to continue to be reluctant or perhaps even appear unable to efficiently complete his duties as per deadline issued, that Madame Chair exercises disciplinary control as the case may warrant.

TCI respectfully requests this action from the Commission, for the efficient functioning of the Secretariat and so that its work may be completed in a timely manner.


We are now operating on a limited budget during a pandemic and our people require assistance that only a legally elected government can offer assistance to them. It is time to bring the curtains down on a protracted electoral process in order for the country to move on.


Executives of The Citizenship Initiative (T.C.i)

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