URP again calls for Lowenfield to be fired


See full statement from the United Republican Party (URP):

Terminate the services of Lowenfield and declare the results

The leader of the United Republican Party (URP) Dr Vishnu Bandhu is calling on Justice (Retired) Claudette Singh, Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to Get stern with the persistent insolence of the Chief Election Officer (CEO) Mr Keith Lowenfield and draw on the relevant clauses at her disposal to terminate the services of an individual who continues to hold back the socio, economic, and political fortitude of an entire nation.

Dr Bandhu’s comments came after the CEO once again did not deliver the results of the elections as instructed Ms Singh. Mr Lowenfield who was instructed to submit a report by 2 pm on July 10, 2020 of the “valid votes counted in the National Recount as per the Certificates of Recount informed Singh that prior to the preparation and submission of the report, “some clarifications are imperative… to safeguard against any action deemed unilateral.”

Bandhu emphasized that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling was clear and the Chair needs to act accordingly if her instruction continues to be disobeyed.

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu

Leader of the United Republican Party


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  1. Mahabir Singh says

    He is right should be fired and in real be charged and put in jail for forgery. He is supporting a dictator and is doing everything to stall the election results given a fair results as the opposition won the election does not how he try to cook up results. These guys are infit to be officers of election process as they are bais for a particular party and not honest to give the correct results. He is aiding and abating a dictator and infringing on the democratic process and this country shall be like Venezuela.

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