GNBS to calibrate infrared temperature guns used during COVID 19 pandemic


See below full statement by the Guyana National Bureau of Standard:

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) advises stakeholders in all sectors (Aviation, Health, Education, Retail and Commercial, Manufacturing, Forest, Tourism and Hospitality, Mining, Energy, Agriculture and Services) that all Infrared Temperature Guns being used to check body temperature, are recommended to be calibrated by the GNBS. This is necessary to prevent error in the accuracy in the measurement of temperature.

All users of Infrared Temperature Guns are advised to follow the listed guidelines:

  1. Temperature gun labels should be in English.
  2. Methods of use for temperature guns vary in terms of range and conditions. Always strictly follow manufacturer guidelines when using these devices.
  3. Do not touch the sensory areas of temperature guns. Cleaning must be done according to the set guidelines by manufacturers.
  4. Do not drop or expose the device to physical shocks.
  5. Always store the device properly when not in use; this is key to prolonging its life and accuracy.
  6. Devices for ear measurement must not be used to take readings on the skin.

Please note that the GNBS has the capacity to calibrate infrared temperature guns with a minimum measuring range of 16.5 cm. 

Please visit the link below to view the World Health Organisation (WHO) advisories on Infrared thermometers which may assist in your efforts:


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