‘Guyanese have waited long enough, declare results now’ – UK Gov’t official


The United Kingdom on Saturday again urged the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to declare the winner of the March 2, 2020 polls in keeping with the recount figures which show a victory for the People’s Progressive Party by over 15,000 votes.

“Guyanese people have waited long enough for election results. Now all legal processes have been completed I urge Guyana Elections Commission to declare a result based on @CARICOMorg scrutinised recount. Every vote must count, all must respect those votes, regardless of the result,” tweeted Baroness Elizabeth Grace Sugg, the UK’s Minister for Sustainable Development and Overseas Territories.

In late April, Baroness Sugg had said that the UK remains “deeply concerned” about the elections and the subsequent events that followed.

She had noted that the UK remains fully engaged in seeking a resolution to events in Guyana which upholds its fundamental commitment to democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

  1. Mahabir Singh says

    She is right these conartist in the election commission hijacked the people and democracy and they are shameless supporting a aspiring dictator. Democracy is in danger as dictatorship is the real consern of all countries that saw a two year stall by the APNU. They have no interest in giving up even though the loss like hell and and Granger and his buddies are corrupted and the election officials bais for his party. He cannot take loss and does not deserve to even be a leader. Noone in any country will accept a guy like this as a leader.guyanaese are in trouble outing up with a thin pot dictator like Burhnam Mugabe Amin and Maduro. It is a sad day in history
    The international community condem these fraud and conartist and put heavy sanctions on them for not compliance with the laws and democracy.

  2. Kamal ramdass says

    Law&order rule of law is what is most important in any governmental system that adheres to the expectations of their individual citizenry their fair play their dreams of peaceful conscience quality of life living their prosperity ect.lifes betterment pursuit to excellence…

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