Commonwealth calls on GECOM to ‘decisively’ declare recount results


Statement by the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth on Guyana Electoral Process:

I note and welcome the 9 July 2020 statement from the Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. The Hon. Ralph Gonsalves, which called on all stakeholders to respect the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Guyana’s final court of appeal.

In accordance with the applicable laws and the constitution of Guyana, the CCJ exercised its final appellate jurisdiction, and, on 8 July 2020 handed down a clear and unambiguous ruling. The CCJ stated, “It is for GECOM to ensure that the election results are swiftly declared in accordance with the Laws of Guyana.”

Guyana is a much loved and valued member of the Commonwealth. On behalf of the entire Commonwealth family, I strongly encourage the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to follow the directions given by the CCJ and decisively conclude the 2 March 2020 elections based on the results of the national recount. The will of the people as expressed in the 2 March 2020 General and Regional Elections must be respected for democracy to prevail in Guyana.

I urge all political actors and stakeholders in Guyana to accept and respect the results of the national recount and ensure that their words and actions promote an environment of peace, harmony and social cohesion among all Guyanese.

Guyana’s destiny as a great nation rests on the shoulders of those men and women who are duty bound to make the right decision, respecting the will of the people and the rule of law, and ready to place their country before their personal ambitions.

The Commonwealth calls all leaders to be faithful to the common good, so that Guyana’s future may truly be forged today.

  1. Mahabir Singh says

    Granger and his party hijack the Guyana election illegally. They lose and after all the courts decision have no interest in giving up power as there partner in crime corruption and fraud lowenfield is a conman and a bais official that only interested in his party remaining in power and has put the Guyanese people in limbo and democracy in tatters. You cannot support a dictator who does not want to ever give up power. The indo Guyanaese are let down by a system of fraud against there votes and fixing the numbers to give ANFU a victory. Noone has any faith on the officials that conduct election there as they are corrupt artist. The international community has to condem this form of take over lies and decietful behavior that dictator Granger love as his buddies Burhnam Mugabe Amin and Maduro and Hilter Stalin and others are his idols.

  2. lavington fields says

    I guess the commonwealth secretary general is not familiar, with the laws of Guyana, under the constitution of Guyana. If she is then this is a clear case of interfering in our electoral process. The CCJ clearly stated that the gazetted order 60 of 2020 is invalid, because it seeks to undermine the constitution of Guyana, so how can we use one part of it, and not the other part. We the people of Guyana note with deep concern efforts to make our country what South Africa use to be, and what the western world did in Chile and Bolivia. We are not going down that road, if you want to help, accept the constitutionally submitted results, or advocate for fresh elections to be held with a fresh list, there by really showing the will of the Guyanese people.

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