Police probe attempt to torch Umana Yana


The Guyana Police Force is investigating an attempt to torch a national landmark, the Umana Yana, Kingston Georgetown early Sunday.

Regional Commander Senior Superintendent, Phillip Azore told the News Room that just after midnight Saturday, an unidentifiable male tossed a ball of flame at the building and then ran off.

The security guard quickly raised an alarm and Police ranks on patrol were alerted and managed to quench the flame with a fire extinguisher before the Guyana Fire Service arrived.

Only minor damage was done to a small portion of the roof of the building.

The Commander said the area will be canvased for CCTV footage.

On September 10, 2014 the Umana Yana was completely destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt two years later.

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  1. Matthew says

    Step # 1 in state of emergency. Fooling no one. I fear strongly that a martyr will be next.

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