‘Never again must we find ourselves in this position as a country’ – Ali


See below a statement issued by PPP Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali:

I say now is the time to fix the fundamentals on which a modern and free society is built. This is the moment to fill the cracks on the pillars of democracy, cast the beams of unity and build the tower of destiny, not by stones and Steel, but by all of us individually and collectively.

To do this we have to change our mindset and reprogram the way we think and act. My father always said to me, “Strike the iron whilst it is hot”.

The fight for democracy, rule of law, economic and social development, political will and societal involvement are hot this moment and we must strike it as a nation and shape it into the country that the future generations will be proud of and never again must we find ourselves in this position as a people and country.

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  1. Mahabir Singh says

    It is sad president want power at all cost and he another dictator lost and his buddies lowenfield and mingo paid officers are doing his deeds to make him such. All the court decisions and recount showed the PPP/Civic won by 15,000 votes. He is master conartist and power hungry dictator. He have no intention of giving up power prolong the country for one year and master mind the election rigging and stay in power as long as he can def everyone. He is not a man neither a leader he is a sad sack power hungry dictator. He will not last the greater power will get him. Indos are too much law abiding people do he don’t care if the PPP opposition was in power and did blacks would have butny down Guyana that is how vicious some of them are. Power corrupts and it is just that this do the right thing but you know these guys show there true colours. Indo Guyanese have suffer this disposable type of leaded yet again in its history. Good examples Burhnam Mugabe Amin Maduro Stalin and Hilter are Masters of this.

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