Suriname’s Bouterse to transfer power to new President, VP


StarNieuws – Chan Santokhi has just been elected President of the Republic of Suriname and Ronnie Brunswijk as Vice President. The meeting was attended by all political groups so that more than 34 members were present in the room.

Although there are no counter-candidates, the qualified majority is required to be declared legally elected.

The extraordinary public meeting was led by Assembly Chairman Ronnie Brunswijk at the opening. After the appointment of the polling station, led by Krishna Mathoera, Brunswijk transferred the hammer to Vice President Dew Sharman, as he is a candidate himself.

Mathoera announced that the nomination has been done correctly. The required documents have also been found to be correct. Sharman determined that Santokhi has been elected President and Brunswijk as Vice President.

The meeting was attended by President Desi Bouterse and Vice President Ashwin Adhin.

The transfer of power will take place on Thursday. A press conference will soon be held by the newly elected ministers.

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  1. Matthew says

    If Bouterse was not so cheap he would have hired Lolo ‘n Mingo to count for him and he could have remained the “legal lawful Emperor Emeritus non-rigger” for another 2 years.

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